“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing skill in performing my root canal. It’s not just the modern technology that made the procedure go so well, it’s you.”

SC, Fairfield

“I had almost no discomfort at all in my recovery. I did not even take an Advil. Thank you so much for your excellent care.”

GS, Stamford

“Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate the amount of time you spent with me and your valued opinion.”

SM, Norwalk

“Thank you for the great work and terrific bedside manner. My tooth has never been better.”

DS, Trumbull

“Thank you for your consideration and patience treating my daughter. Your staff was most courteous and helpful on the phone and in person.”

NB, Bridgeport

“Thank you so much for getting me in quickly and for all your kindness. My tooth feels great!”

MC, Trumbull

“Thank you so much for staying late to treat me. I was in such discomfort that I could hardly function. After leaving your office, I slept well that night. I know your day was long, but I want you to know how much your concern and care was appreciated”

SS, Westport

“My second visit to your office has certainly confirmed that you place a very high priority on what is best for your patient. Thank you.”

JY, Milford

“Your kindness and specialty care is appreciated more than words can say.  Thank you.”

AF, Westport

“Thank you ever so kindly for being the way you are; professional and kind as ever!”

EV, Fairfield

“Thank you so much for doing my root canal.  I think of you when I eat without discomfort!”

DB, Trumbull

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you provided to me.  Your dental skills were evident and so was the warm, caring milieu of your office.  Much appreciated.”

EB, Fairfield

“Super job.  Super Doc.  Thanks.”

MM, Dentist, Bridgeport

“Thank you so much for you excellent care!”

LB, Fairfield

“I love what you do.  I love how you treat your patients.  I’m glad I had a toothache so I could see for myself what a wonderful clinician you really are.”

EF, Westport

“Much appreciation for your amazing and talented work!  Your office, quite simply, Top Choice/Top Drawer!!”

LH, Bridgeport

“Thank you so much for getting me in and for all your kindness.  My tooth feels great!”

MC, Dentist, Trumbull

“Thank you so much for the special treatment.  I was so relieved when the chronic discomfort had finally gone away!  I enjoyed my visits and am appreciative of your kindness and thorough explanations.”

KB, Fairfield

“Thank you for your professional and expeditious service!  When you want something done right, give the job to Dr. Amoroso!”

AB, Stratford

“Thank you for healing my 20 year old problem.  I feel great!!!”

EB, Bridgeport

“I enjoyed my daughter’s wedding because of your skill.  All the superlatives have been exhausted in describing your ability!!!  So, Thank you.”

TY, Bridgeport

“Thank you again so very for fitting me in yesterday.  I truly appreciate your seeing me on such short notice.”

SJ, Trumbull

“Thank you for your kindness and generosity in helping me with my teeth and getting me comfortable.”

DM, Southport

“While no one looks forward to a root canal, I wanted to let you know I am glad I put my dental care in your hands today.  At no time did I feel discomfort.  I certainly understand the procedure is not simple, but you made it simple.  It was painless due to your gentle touch.  Hours after, zero discomfort.  Amazing!”